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About Negril, Jamaica

Negril is famous for the seven miles of white sand beaches that line its coastline and another seven miles of 40-foot cliffs. Staying at a hotel on the beach means you can literally walk out of your hotel and be in the sand. The waters are gentle and shallow and get more so the farther away from town you get. The end of Negril closest to the all-inclusive resorts is where you’ll find the softest and whitest sand in town.

Negril can be split into Downtown Negril, the cliff resorts area, and the Seven Mile Beaches. You can use taxis to get around but you can walk from the far end of the beach to the center of town in under an hour. Heading out on tour with a local guide to show you more of the area and around Negril is always a great idea and will give you a deeper insight into the town and culture.

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